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Who We Are

Hot Squirrel Highway was born in Buena, New Jersey in the summer of 2012. What started as three 30-somethings bringing their collective original compositions together and recording in various basements, led to one thing and then the next. 

In 20014, we recorded 4 songs and put out what we'll call an EP. It was quite the education and with a full band behind us, we were ready to take on the world, or at least any local battle of the band competition we could squirm into. But...

It fell apart.

Like the story of any given band, there were departures and parting of ways and things went fallow for a while.

But coming from the farm lands of New Jersey, we knew something would grow again, we just had to nurture the dream and give it time, because we also know that dreams NEVER die.

So here we are (Kim and Kaye), dreams at the helm and songs blazing, ready to take this music thing on once and for all. We're and Indie Blues/ Folk Rock Band and we don't believe in boxes. Songs flow to and through us and we offer them to you to enjoy as you see fit.

Join us on the Hot Squirrel Highway! We've got places to go and we'd love to have you on that journey with us!

SOng Lyrics

Songs are little stories we carry in our hearts. The music and emotion give them nuance that plain old written words just don't carry. That being said, we know that words are magical so we're adding lyrics to our songs here so you can sing along with confidence, study up on the "story," revel in poetic devices, or whatever your heart desires. 

We'll keep the backstories rolling on our A-list, so if you're not there, come join us for behind the scenes low down, access to new music before it's out, special offers, and more...